LUISA T. Schneider

Anthropologist and Research Consultant

Based on our shared humanity and through living with people around the world on their terms, anthropology has the unique ability to study the various lived experiences of people and the way they give meaning to their lives and interpret its flows, to theorize these insights and to share them with the entire world in a structured and accessible way. Therefore, anthropology has the highest theoretical, practical and social relevance.

About Me

I am a sociocultural anthropologist, research consultant, journalist and writer with more than 6 years of experience working on gender and sexual- and gender-based violence.

I have been conducting ethnographic research in Freetown, Sierra Leone, since 2012.

As a DPhil student in anthropology at the University of Oxford, my current work focuses on the ways (sexual) relationships are lived and on the multi-layered personal experiences and attitudes of those perpetrating, witnessing and suffering gender-based and Intimate Partner Violence.

I furthermore analyse existing laws and services. My work therefore explores the execution, endurance, mediation, and regulation as well as the socio-cultural, legal, and political ramifications of acts of gender-based violence and Intimate Partner Violence in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


To understand what works to prevent gender-based, domestic and sexual violence and to develop more effective prevention programmes and policies alongside services, we first need to understand the trajectories and lived experiences of those who execute, witness and suffer violent acts in different locations.

The multifactorial complexities of violent experiences requires approaching this topic with the outmost sensitivity, an inter-diciplinary skill-set and in conversation with those affected by it.

I combine trans-disciplinary academic expertise and extensive research with professional placements and humanitarian engagement.

What motivates me is working on topics that lie at the core of contemporary concerns and matter to the people I study and - together - finding ways to lessen pain and suffering and to make our lives saver, richer and happier.

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I have degrees in Cultural and Social Anthropology, International Development and Journalism. As a research consultant and humanitarian activist, I worked with a multitude of NGOs, IOs, local organisations, and Stakeholders around the world.


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I am available for short-term desk and field consultancies as well as for academic and research collaborations.

Through my holistic approach I develop and carry out in-depth, socio-culturally sensitive research leading to an understanding of attitudes and practices, develop tailor-made violence prevention interventions and projects that involve men and boys alongside women and girls from all backgrounds and demographics and analyse and disseminate findings in a clear and accessible way.


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