When we begin to grasp what others share with us, we write to negotiate our experiences, to capture and store lessons learned. We then access the archive of theory and writing to substantiate what we experience, add to it, change it. Finally – if we dare – we share our words with an audience.

Sierra Leone’s laws to protect women have unintended consequences

23 January 2019

Abstract Age-of-consent law is complex. If it is set too high, there’s a risk that it will undercut young people’s agency. If it is set too low, it does not offer enough protection for vulnerable young people. This is a conundrum Sierra Leone has faced in the last decade. In...

Why Sierra Leonean women don’t feel protected by domestic violence laws

09 January 2019

Abstract Sierra Leone has a long history of sexual and gender based violence, dating back to the colonial era and stretching into the years of independence which began in 1961. The country’s civil war, which raged between 1991 and 2002, brought international attention to the high levels of violence against...

Review Scubla, L. Giving life, giving death

12 June 2018

Abstract this is a review of Lucien Scubla’s ‘Giving life, giving death: psychoanalysis, anthropology, philosophy’. It was first published in JASO Online, the Journal of the Anthropological Society of the University of Oxford, Vol X Nr 1, 2018, pp. 122-125. link to JASO-online.

The ogbanje who wanted to stay: The occult, belonging, family and therapy in Sierra Leone. Published in: Ethnography. Vol 18, Issue 2, 2017.

03 June 2017

Abstracts Although prominent in literature on West Africa and especially Nigeria, the phenomenon of ogbanjes in Sierra Leone is little discussed. By following the story of one ogbanje, this paper unravels their significance for social life, for local epistemologies and cosmologies in Freetown. The paper discusses personhood and morality, conceptions...

Journalism at the freie journalistenschule Berlin (FJS)

03 June 2017

FJS freie journalistenschule About: link to the FJS homepage

Secret Societies in Sierra Leone

02 June 2016

Abstract this article provides an introductory journey through the poro and bondo secret societies in Sierra leone. It was first published in Paradigmata Voll 11.2014. link to paradigmata - Zeitschrift fuer Menschen und Diskurse Artikel Dieser Artikel ist ein Ausschnitt aus meinem Forschungsbericht zu Secret Societies in Sierra Leone. Ich...

Concomitants of academic anthropology

02 June 2016

Abstract The following article explores concomitants of academic anthropology by discussing what lies underneath our (In this paper pronouns and unaccompanied adjectives such as ‘our’ refer to social scientists in general and anthropologists in particular) carefully designed research plans. In the course of this, the paper highlights the importance of...

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