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Specialist and Online Publications

PhD Thesis

  • Schneider, L. (2019). Teeth and Tongue Jammed Together, violence in relationships and its mediation in Freetown, Sierra Leone. DPhil thesis. Oxford University (embargoed).


  • Odenthal, Frank (2019). Well meant, not always well done. Interview with Dr. Schneider on sexual violence laws in Sierra Leone. Published, Febuary 26, 2019. URL:

  • Samboma, Julian Lahai (2019). What is behind the `rape’ epidemic?. Interview with Dr. Luisa T. Schneider and Alimatu Dimonekeneh on sexual violence in Sierra Leone. New African, May Issue 2019, page 60–61. URL: New

International Conferences Organized

  • Schneider, L., Chippendale, E., (2017–2018). Researching Africa Day, Conference March 3rd, 2018. African Studies Center, Oxford University, UK.
  • Schneider, L., et al. (2013–2014). Ethnosymposium, a Conference for Anthropologists from the German-speaking world. University of Vienna. Austria.

Workshops organized

  • Schneider, L. 2019. Experiences of violence without regular shelter or in supervised housing. Gender Studies Conference: On Violence. University of Helsinki 24th–26th of October, 2019.

Selected Invited Seminars and Guest Lectures

  • Schneider, L. (2017). When the law turns on you: The consequences of the Sexual Offenses Act for young men accused of sexually penetrating their girlfriends in Sierra Leone. 22.1.2017, St. Peter’s College. Oxford University.
  • Schneider, L. (2018). When the state enters the bedroom: sexual citizenship, violence and its aftermaths in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 18.05.2018, Africanist Graduate Forum, Center for African Studies, University of Copenhagen.
  • Schneider, L. (2018). Why the SOA of Sierra Leone criminalises love among young people rather than rape. 24.04.2018, Center for African Studies, University of Copenhagen.
  • Schneider, L. (2017). ‘Love hurts’: the multifaceted lived experiences of Intimate Partner Violence in Freetown, post-Ebola Sierra Leone. 09.11.2017, International Gender Studies Centre at Lady Margaret Hall, ‘Problematizing Gender in an unpredictable world’, Oxford University.
  • Schneider, L. (2017). ‘Teeth and tongue jammed together’ Gender, relationships, emotions and violence in Freetown. 08.11.2017, WIP Seminar. Department for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Oxford University.
  • Schneider, L. (2016). The trajectories of survivors of Ebola who stand trial for witchcraft. 02.03.2016, St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford.
  • Schneider, L. (2016). Graduate Seminar. 02.03.2016, St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford.

Selected Conference Presentations