Teeth and Tongue Jammed Together. DPhil Anthropology. Oxford University

03 June 2017

“PhD Anthropology, Oxford University: Teeth and tongue jammed together” - violence in relationships and its mediation in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Abstract Based on 13 months of fieldwork in households, communities, police stations, courts and the prison in Freetown, this thesis extends the classic model of gender complementarity by demonstrating how...

Past Research

20 May 2016

2012 Fieldwork/Research. Vienna, Austria On the human rights film festival “this human world”. Summer 2012 Fieldwork/Research in Freetown, Sierra Leone on indigenous perceptions of Development. Summer 2012; 2013 Fieldwork/Research in Freetown, Sierra Leone with members of the Bondo Secret Society for Women and the Poro Secret Society on uncertainty, inclusion/exclusion...

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