Review Scubla, L. Giving life, giving death

12 June 2018

Abstract Luisa T. Schneider reviewed Lucien Scubla’s ‘Giving life, giving death: psychoanalysis, anthropology, philosophy’. The review was first published in JASO Online, the Journal of the Anthropological Society of the University of Oxford, Vol X Nr 1, 2018, pp. 122-125. link to JASO-online.

Book Review: DAVID ZEITLYN and ROGER JUST, Excursions in realist anthropology: a merological approach, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2014.

03 June 2017

Based on an understanding of the world which constrains but does not determine us, a world we understand through our observations and actions, but which nevertheless exists independently of social construction, Excursions in realist anthropology asks: ‘what if we accept our limitations and start thinking seriously and positively about partial...

Book Review: MARIANE C. FERME. 2001: The Underneath of Things. Violence, History, and the Everyday in Sierra Leone. California: University of California Press.

03 June 2017

Mariane Ferme’s The Underneath of Things is a powerful ethnography of Kpuawala, a village in south-eastern Sierra Leone. The author provides deep insights into the everyday life of the village’s Mende-speaking population in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The monograph’s six main chapters cover an enormous variety of topics...

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