Academic teaching (selected)

Core Areas:

Europe (especially Germany); (West) Africa (especially Sierra Leone)

Core Topics:

Sexual- and gender-based violence Gender and Sexualities Love, intimacy and (romantic) relationships Youth and generation Imprisonment and confinement Punishment and restoration Law and Rights Violence prevention and response State-citizen relations

Anthropology of Law and Rights; Anthropology of State and Citizenship; Anthropology of Violence (especially sexual-and gender-based-violence); Anthropology of Gender and Sexualities; Anthropology of Love; Anthropology of Prisons and Confinement; Anthropology of Emotion and Affect; Research Methodology and Ethics; kinship and generation; intimacy; phenomenology; everyday violence; state-citizen relations; bureaucracy; (il-)legality; responsible and collaborative research.

University of Oxford:

Archeology and Anthropology BA: Final honour School. 2-3rd years

Paper 1: Social Analysis and Interpretation

Paper 2: Cultural Representations, Beliefs and Practices

link to Archeology and Anthropology BA

Option course: Themes in African Anthropology

University of Vienna:

BA Social and Cultural Anthropology Seminar”Freiheit Vol. 3: Quo Vadis Anthropologie (3.3.4) - über die Ökonomisierung der Wissenschaft („about the economization of science“)

Mentor for Bachelor students.

Student Assistant

link to the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Sierra Leone

Capacity Building on Intimate Partner Violence and gender-based Violence in Freetown Sierra Leone


Luisa T. Schneider delivered lectures at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford; St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford; Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford; Center for African Studies, University of Copenhagen; Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna.

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